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North Country Real Estate was started in 1969 by Tom Wojcik and Daryl Whitting as a real estate company that would specialize in recreational property. The main location at that time was Green Bay, WI. Individual sales staff worked out of their homes in several area locations, including Wausaukee, Dunbar, and Amberg.

In 1974 Paul Schroeder and Tom Wojcik (as owners) purchased a small block building at 619 Main Street in Wausaukee, Wisconsin as their new office. That became the main location for the real estate business. North Country Real Estate Incorporated in 1979. Paul and Ruth Schroeder became the corporate stockholders. A great selection of real estate agents worked with Paul and Ruth for many years.

In 1982, Paul Schroeder recruited John Guarisco onto his staff.

In 1984 a new office building was constructed in Crivitz on Highway 141. John was asked to manage the new location and became a stockholder in North Country. The sales staff continued to grow and prosper. At its peak 12 sales people were listing and selling property in the North Country building.

In 1998 John & Debbie Guarisco purchased 100% of the stock in North Country Real Estate, Inc. 1998 was also the year North Country moved to 117 N. Highway 141 in Crivitz. The building was extensively remodeled and remains the home of North Country Real Estate and several other businesses.

The 2007 real estate market took a downward turn and Marinette County’s Realtor population was cut in half. This was also the case in the North Country Real Estate office. The Wausaukee location was closed and later the building was sold in an overhead cutting measure.

The real estate market has stabilized. Numbers of both listings and sales have increased in dramatic fashion, a direct result of this is the opening of our second location on Highway 141 in Amberg, WI.  A group of nine salespeople with over 130 years of real estate sales experience greet you today when you walk through the doors of our locations in Crivitz or Amberg. A brand new website has gone into operation as of March 2015. All of our technological tools have been or will be revised and upgraded. The same confidence, knowledge, and experience, that has been the North Country trademark remains for our customer’s convenience.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our past customers and sales staff for their contribution to the history and the future of North Country Real Estate, Inc.


John & Debbie Guarisco Broker/Owners


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Page Tags:  North Country Real Estate is an American real estate company located in Crivitz, Wisconsin and was established in 1969.  We help buyers & sellers of all types of real estate including recreational property, residential, commercial, vacant lots,hunting acreage, vacation property, homes, cottages, and business real estate.   John & Debbie Guarisco are broker / owners and can help you find Northeastern Wisconsin real estate for sale in Crivitz, Marinette, Coleman, Pembine, Porterfield, Athelstane, Middle Inlet, Peshtigo, Goodman, Silver Cliff, Pound, Beecher, Beaver, Wagner, Grover, Lake, Niagara,  Wausaukee, Dunbar,  Amberg and other areas of Marinette County in Northeastern Wisconsin.
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